Marmaris Fire Disaster

Marmaris Fire Disaster

Asparan and Osmaniye villages were the most damaged areas in Marmaris, which is one of the places affected by the fire disaster that occurred all over our country. Efforts are still being made to reach people trapped in these areas. In coordination with our teammates Afad and the Turkish Red Crescent, work towards the need has begun. First of all, the need for clean water and ayran was high, and then of course, the pandemic process we were in caused the need for hygiene to increase as the conditions became more severe. We continue to support both by sending one of our hygiene trucks to the region and by delivering 500 hygiene kits to the region to be distributed in villages and neighborhoods. We're on fire! When we went to the point where the disaster took place and witnessed it with our own eyes, we realized that the difficulty of the pain experienced is not like words can be put into words. As soon as we realized the seriousness of the situation, we did our best without hesitation to increase human power on the field. When we discovered that the need for hygiene was very high, in coordination with Afad and the Turkish Red Crescent, with whom we work shoulder to shoulder in every disaster, we prepared our hygiene truck and ensured its transportation to the region as soon as possible.

We want to realize our activities with the support of our volunteers. It is aimed to raise a generation that is aware of the importance and awareness of volunteering by transferring the knowledge and experience gained to all segments of the society, especially the youth, with role model people who have a command of the mission and vision of İlk Umut, who are aware of their time, knowledge and experience and social responsibility.

The First Hope Association provides services to all parties in need regardless of language, religion, race, sect, gender and social differences.

First Hope Association, volunteers in the field, requested volunteering, with a full desire and motivation; who knows how to share, has a strong communication, is compassionate and expects to act with the discipline necessary for his job. It attaches importance to cooperation in volunteering and working in a transparent and continuous dialogue.

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