Washing Machine & Shower Truck

Washing Machine & Shower Truck

Today, I would like to mention about a truck. A truck is not an ordinary one. The truck offers showers and washing mashines to the refugees.

Some of the refugees live in a very hard conditions in comparison with the refugees who are lucky to get accessed water. They struggle to find basic services like shower. This truck is going to provide showers as well as washing machines.

There are plenty of food programs and shelter programs in these areas but the big gap is sanitary facilities. This was the reason we come up with this project.

We believe that to get a hot shower can really make a big difference for these people. We have been planning to finalise this project before the following summer.

We want to realize our activities with the support of our volunteers. It is aimed to raise a generation that is aware of the importance and awareness of volunteering by transferring the knowledge and experience gained to all segments of the society, especially the youth, with role model people who have a command of the mission and vision of İlk Umut, who are aware of their time, knowledge and experience and social responsibility.

The First Hope Association provides services to all parties in need regardless of language, religion, race, sect, gender and social differences.

First Hope Association, volunteers in the field, requested volunteering, with a full desire and motivation; who knows how to share, has a strong communication, is compassionate and expects to act with the discipline necessary for his job. It attaches importance to cooperation in volunteering and working in a transparent and continuous dialogue.

First Hope Association Individual Volunteer;

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