They are our future!

They are our future!

We delivered First Hope backpacks and stationery sets as well as cakes and fruit juices to our children who started face-to-face education at Derebaşı Primary School in Derebaşı village of Tire district of İzmir. They are our future! We sent these training kits to them as a year-end gift, but our support for them will continue in the new academic year, just as it is now. In order to look to the future with hope, we must support their education and stand by them.

We want to realize our activities with the support of our volunteers. It is aimed to raise a generation that is aware of the importance and awareness of volunteering by transferring the knowledge and experience gained to all segments of the society, especially the youth, with role model people who have a command of the mission and vision of İlk Umut, who are aware of their time, knowledge and experience and social responsibility.

The First Hope Association provides services to all parties in need regardless of language, religion, race, sect, gender and social differences.

First Hope Association, volunteers in the field, requested volunteering, with a full desire and motivation; who knows how to share, has a strong communication, is compassionate and expects to act with the discipline necessary for his job. It attaches importance to cooperation in volunteering and working in a transparent and continuous dialogue.

First Hope Association Individual Volunteer;

It accepts, declares and undertakes.