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Who Are We?

The tough living conditions originated from ongoing wars and oppression throughout the world forced millions of people to migrate from their own homeland. İlk Umut Derneği (First Hope Association) was founded by 3 good Samaritans for contributing to healing this bitter situation which we all follow its consequences by drawing lessons, and for protecting basic rights and freedoms of all people, primarily the accommodation right, without discriminating language, religion, race, thoughts.

İlk Umut Derneği started to work in 2015 on the principle of “Treat people in a way you wanted to be treated” proposition. İlk Umut Derneği, a Non-Governmental Organization operating in Turkey, walks passionately on the road of establishing sustainable solidarity and assistance connections in an understanding of equality and liberality for all peoples of the world, in an understanding of protecting rights and freedoms.

Our Aims

Our Principles

Protection of Basic Rights and Freedoms

Every human being have some rights and freedoms by birth, for just being a human being. Rights of human being precede all other values; these rights are not given by another people, for this very reason, noone can touch these rights and freedoms.

If home is on fire, permission not asked from judge for sending fire squad

Jean Romieu

Proper and Good Management

To be forcing and assistant in putting forward the required standards to be observed, in collecting and disseminating information to be the basis of decisions to be taken, in producing solutions, and most important of all in executing participant equality.

It is difficult to succeed some important things, managing them is even harder.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Securing an integral approach in source management.

Making source development planning.

Legal arrangements for collecting donations/assistance and studying other good examples of civilian society.

If you are sure of the way you will pursue, obstacles on the road will be nothing but your resting places.

Paulo Coelho

Accountability and Transparency

Maintaining internal control system, reviewing at regular intervals.

Monitoring regularly by internal supersivion .

Transparent and open fiscal reporting and reviewing at regular intervals.

Securing auditing by an autonomous auditing committee.

Rightfulness is the sun of eternity. It will rise in any case.

Yurdal Epsileli