COVID-19 Big Hearts Policy Update Calling All Climate Champions To Apply



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Volunteering Application Form

The return will be made within an average of 48 hours. Required areas are marked with *.

    Conditions for Volunteering

    We want to realize our activities with the support of our volunteers. It is aimed to raise a generation that is aware of the importance and awareness of volunteering by transferring the knowledge and experience gained to all segments of the society, especially the youth, with role model people who have a command of the mission and vision of İlk Umut, who are aware of their time, knowledge and experience and social responsibility.

    The First Hope Association provides services to all parties in need regardless of language, religion, race, sect, gender and social differences.

    First Hope Association, volunteers in the field, requested volunteering, with a full desire and motivation; who knows how to share, has a strong communication, is compassionate and expects to act with the discipline necessary for his job. It attaches importance to cooperation in volunteering and working in a transparent and continuous dialogue.

    First Hope Association Individual Volunteer;

    • He will maintain continuity in voluntary activities until he completes the task given, but will leave by informing the authorized person in cases of necessity,
    • It will take appropriate discourses and actions by taking into account social sensitivities, geographical conditions, different cultures, and psychological conditions in which people are in,
    • He will not carry his personal problems into volunteering,
    • He will be respectful to ethical, moral and human values,
    • He will not obtain any financial benefit and will not have such an expectation by using his volunteer activities or the First Hope Association brand.
    • Knowing that volunteering is a duty accepted with an understanding of free service,
    • In the corporate communication organs of the First Hope Association or in the activities of the First Hope Association, in the activities of the First Hope Association, the photographs, videos, audios and similar visual or audio materials recorded by the volunteer or belonging to the volunteer are It allows it to be used by the Association for an indefinite period of time and will not demand any price for this,
    • Volunteering that you provide correct information in the application / records and that this information is up-to-date
    • Not to act on behalf of any political opinion or institution during the volunteer work,
    • Travel, excursion etc. organized within or within the scope of activities within the First Hope Association. All responsibility for damages that may occur while providing transportation to organizations belongs to the volunteer,
    • Will work in harmony and cooperation with the staff of the First Hope Association,

    It accepts, declares and undertakes.