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First Hope Association Drew Attention to Environmental Pollution

Seferihisar Municipality and İzmir Branch of the First Hope Association organized an environmental cleaning activity in the Sığacık neighborhood.

Voluntary participant and staff of Seferihisar Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate in the organization prepared within the scope of the activity of the İzmir Branch of the First Hope Association to leave a clean environment to the future, cleaned the area in Sığacık Girlen location.

Refik Topçu, Head of İzmir Branch of the First Hope Association, thanked Seferihisar Municipality for his support, saying, “According to the report of the World Health Organization, millions of people get cancer every year due to unhealthy environmental conditions, while 12.6 million people die due to diseases related to environmental pollution. The main reasons for the increase in environmental pollution are the unconscious use of rapidly developing technology, industry and natural resources. While nature has a beauty that renews and cleans itself, environmental pollution has become inevitable due to population growth.

It is not possible for us to completely stop these factors that cause environmental pollution, but we have decided to do our part and take action to minimize their impact on the environment. As the İzmir Representation of First Hope Association team and volunteers, we carried out environmental cleaning in Sığacık neighborhood of Seferihisar within the scope of social responsibility project. It is our duty to protect nature, and we take care that our employees are conscious individuals on this issue. As the First Hope Association, we will continue to put our signature on social responsibility projects wherever we are, in the upcoming periods. He said, “We would like to thank Seferihisar Municipality, Cleaning Works Manager Kadir Akay and all his staff for their cooperation”.