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We participated in the organization of the 2nd year of the Izmir Earthquake held under the Presidency of AFAD

In the organization of the 2nd year of the Izmir Earthquake, held under the Presidency of AFAD, under the leadership of our Honorable Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, we took our place in the ceremony together with other non-governmental organizations that received accreditation, apart from the provincial protocol, public institutions and organizations. During the ceremony, we conveyed information about our work to the governor and the people who came to visit our stand, shared the visuals and talked about the projects we will do. Within the scope of the Regional Level Exercise held under the coordination of AFAD İzmir, we took our place with our hygiene truck and put it into service in the drill conducted for search and rescue activities, communication, security and fulfillment of needs in the Inciraltı Urban Forest. Then we helped with environmental cleaning.