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AFAD Sent 9 Million Lira Emergency Aid Allowance to Giresun

Ankara The Ministry of Internal Affairs Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) reported that 9 million lira of emergency aid was sent to the region where improvement works continue after the flood in Giresun. According to the statement made by AFAD, after the floods, floods and landslides in Giresun, both the search for the missing 7 citizens and the improvement works continue. Following the flood, 172 people were rescued alive. In the works, in which 2784 personnel from 34 institutions and organizations participated, roads connected to the Highways and 94 village roads were opened, electricity was given to 65 villages. AFAD sent 9 million lira emergency aid to the region where 21 telephone switchboards were put back into service. Floods, floods and landslides occurred in the central, Dereli, Espiye, Doğankent, Tirebolu, Güce, Görele and Yağdere districts due to the heavy rainfall that started in Giresun on August 22. In the incidents where 5 people lost their lives and 3 gendarmerie personnel were martyred, efforts are continuing in the region to reach the disappeared and to return life to normal by working the phases of disaster management under the coordination of AFAD. The nutritional, shelter and psychosocial support needs of the citizens affected by the events are also met. The disappearances continue to be sought 172 people who were trapped as a result of the work of the teams were rescued. The search continues in Espiye Kaşdibi location for one of the 7 missing persons, at the 12th kilometer of Doğankent-Tirebolu road for three, in Dereli for one and in Çaldağ for two. In addition to AFAD teams, Gendarmerie, Coast Guard and NGO teams are making significant efforts to recover the disappeared. The Gendarmerie is participating in the activities with a total of 675 people from units such as JÖH, JÖAH, JAK, JİKU, UGT, SAT, 1 helicopter and 2 cadaver dogs. The Coast Guard Command contributes to the work with a total of 35 personnel from 2 ships and 2 diving teams. Electricity was cut off in 70 villages and 8 neighborhoods after heavy rains. As a result of the work of the teams, electricity was started to be supplied to 65 of the villages and 8 neighborhoods, and the works for the remaining 5 villages continue. Electricity was given to a part of Dereli district center. Citizens were informed that the transformer power was limited. 94 of the 118 village roads that were closed in the region were opened to transportation as a result of the works carried out. Work continues to open the remaining 24 village roads. Transportation is provided on 5 of the 6 routes connected to the Highways, which are completely closed to transportation. Although the currently closed Yağdere-Alucra road has been opened up to the 34th kilometer, work continues. In the studies carried out on the interruption of communication in 22 telecommunication stations throughout the province, 21 plants were put into service again. There are no victims who receive inpatient treatment under surveillance after the rains. 2 field health tents were put into operation by the Ministry of Health UMKE in Dereli and Doğankent. With the efforts of the Turkish Red Crescent, 7,500 meals / container of hot food and 20,000 packaged water are distributed daily. Within the scope of psychosocial support services, 13 teams work in the field with 32 personnel. In Dereli, Çaldağ, Tirebolu and Merkez villages, all victims were visited, 141 support meetings were held with 41 families. 2 mobile social service vehicles were also deployed in Tirebolu and Dereli districts. 38 million Turkish Liras of damage detected in Dereli Damage assessment studies continue with 25 teams. In total, 1754 independent sections in 392 buildings were examined. 141 independent sections in 45 buildings were determined to be severely damaged, destroyed or to be demolished in an emergency. 57 personnel assigned with 21 vehicles related to agriculture and livestock damages detected 517 damages in 190 villages and neighborhoods in 11 districts. A total of 38 million TL loss was determined with 231 loss assessments in Dereli. It was understood that the value of 125 vehicles was 7 million 700 thousand TL. It was understood that a loss of 9 million 200 thousand TL was incurred by determining 173 losses in Doğankent. The total value of 28 vehicles affected by the flood was determined to be 1 million 620 thousand TL. Intervention and improvement is done by 34 institutions and organizations Intervention and improvement activities under the coordination of AFAD, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Gendarmerie, Police, Ministry of Health UMKE, 112, General Directorate of Highways, State Hydraulic Works (DSI), Coast Guard Command, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Turkish Red Crescent units, as well as Giresun Municipality and Fire Department, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Giresun, Sivas Akıncılar and Gölova Special Administrations, Çoruh EDAŞ, Giresun TİKAFE, Samsun Water and Sewerage Administration (SASKİ), Türk Telekom, AHBAP, AKUT, ANDA Bursa, Beşir Association, Cansuyu Association, Deniz Feneri Association, IHH, İlkumut Association, MAGARA AKT, NEF Social Aid Foundation, TAMGA AKT, TIDER, TİKAFE Giresun and volunteers. The developments are followed by AFAD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.